Workshop with David Beckstead

I couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity of attending a workshop with David Beckstead, one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world. Every time I have the chance of doing something like this I jump right in.. I just LOVE to see how talented people feel photography.. love to hear about their stories and how they fall in love with it and what makes them shot the way they do.. The day was full of cool energy, new ideas, new friends and lots and lots of inspiration.

The workshop was with brides and grooms, David does weddings all over the world.. And no, even though this is my second wedding workshop this year I’m still not interested in shooting weddings.. I’m a firmly believer that for me, choosing something that I LOVE to do and trying to do my best at it is better than doing a lot of things not at my 100%.. that’s why I’m focusing my photography to kids and families. But I also believe that I should learn as much as I can from everything and everybody around me so I won’t close my learning doors just because the models were brides and grooms.. :)

What I learned from David, super easy.. do not aim to get the perfect technical, follow all the rules shot. Instead try different things, angles, experiment, be confident of your vision and most important shoot from the heart… David doesn’t even look through the view finder to click the shutter speed.. he knows what he wants and gets it.. that was super powerful to me that I shoot A LOT without seeing through my camera.. I offer wonder if my client thinks I’m crazy when I do that since they are paying me to take their pictures and I’m not even looking into my camera.. ;) but believe me it works!.. I do that all the time that with my kiddos so I don’t miss their expressions.. I hang my camera from my neck and one hand clicks the shutter, the other hand gives my kid a high 5 or a hug.. LOVE it!!!..

Anyway, here are a few of the images that I got from the workshop.. sorry so many but I can’t narrow them down..

and we ended the day in a cool alley.. here are the other talented attendees and the shot we were trying to get.

it was an awesome day and I know I came out with a whole lot of good things.. Thanks David for sharing brain and eye with us.. :)

Hope you all have a great tuesday..

David Beckstead - November 16, 2010 - 12:10 pm

These are great! Thanks for coming and it was a blast to have you there and open-minded! Such cool shooting locations!! Love the colors in these shots! Thanks for the kind words!

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