Photography Class round 2.

So today was the last class of the photography  group.. It’s been seriously soo much fun!!..

The class is designed to give you some tools on taking better pictures of your kids/grand kids. The topics go from learning how to use your camera, through lighting, composition and finally how to make the pictures look better in the computer.  You don’t need to have a great camera, you don’t need to know anything about photography.. you just need to want to learn a little bit more about it.. I don’t consider my self as an expert.. there is soo much stuff that I’m still learning day with day, but I can share with you what I know about it, and some of my tricks and techniques for better pictures.

So I have 5 people already signed up for the next class that starts the first week in June, I’d like to have at least one more to split the group in 2 and have 2 different classes going on.. So far these 5 mommies don’t care about the day of the week that we do it, so if you are interested PLEASE contact me asap so we can start running things here. The class cost is $85, it includes 4 sessions, 1hr aprox each week and some goodies at the end ;)  The sessions are usually in a location, with one of them for sure in my house to use the computer.. KIDS ARE WELCOME and we need them to practice, the class is TOTALLY hands on.. :)

Here is what mommies are saying about it.. ;)

hey! Your class is awesome!!! I don’t really know of anything to change. I have learned a lot. The composition class was my personal favorite. Priscilla

The classes were great, and so much fun! I loved the class. I feel like my photography has improved 100% since taking your class. And I really like how we can post our work  on Facebook where you can critique it. Karla

I learned so much by just being with you and watching you take pictures. I liked that you had outlines for the classes & would say – for me – specific assignments are good. I just want to Thank you for sharing what you know & also being honest with us about the amount of time it takes to become a photographer of your caliber. Gloria

And here are some mommies in action!.. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!!!… Class will start for sure next week, probably around 10am.. the day will be determined as soon as I know what day works better for all.


Karla - May 27, 2009 - 3:40 pm

I definately recommend this class to anyone who is interested in and wants to improve their photography. The classes are so much fun and Grethel is SOOO nice! You’re kids are invited to come along, so you don’t even need to worry about leaving them with a sitter! My kids came to three of the classes with me and they had a blast! You even get to go shoot on location; our group went to the Botanical Gardens and Ross Bridge! Awesome! I learned so much and my photography has improved a lot! Grethel is a terrific teacher and is always available to encourage you and answer any questions you may have. If you want to learn to take better pics of your kids, all I can say is: “Take this class!”

Once again I want to thank Grethel for sharing her incredible knowledge of photography, and for becoming a great friend! :)

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