One last vacation… {Birmingham lifestyle photographer}

yup, that’s us.. me and the kiddos are taking one last “vacation” before school starts.. we are flying to Mexico for a couple of weeks.  And I say “vacation” because I’ll be shooting around 15 sessions and teaching one workshop while our trip.. so not so much as a vacation, but I’ll be home, with my mommy and siblings and the rest of the family, eating yummy food and taking a break from this heat and humidity.. ;)

I will have internet access and I’ll be booking for the rest of the year.. Just a heads up that weekends for the rest of the year are filling up SUPER fast (THANK YOU!!!) so if you are interested in booking a fall session please please contact me as soon as possible..

I’m still planning on having one last anniversary contest and I’ll probably announce it in the next week or two so please stay tuned.. I have a lot of sessions to share and the blog will stay busy so don’t forget to stop by to see what’s going on..

For today I’ll share a bit of what we’ve been doing.. it’s been a crazy past few weeks, I’ve been hit with soo much stuff that I need to stop and breath… there has been a lot of deaths around me lately and it’s hurting me bad.. one of my dearest friends from Mexico, one of Dominic’s little classmates and a couple more of not so close friends from Mexico too but the fact that we were not super close doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt…  it’s been hard, all of them super young, with sooo much future!!.. it’s so sad really.. we just never know what’s going to happen so we better live and love right now and that’s what I’ve been trying to do.. The kiddos are in a super hyper stage right now, they can’t sit still for a few minutes at a time, my house is a mess and I’m swamped with work.. I love my work so that makes it easier, the mess in my house will be there to be cleaned later and my kiddos are healthy and happy.. so instead of feeling overwhelmed I just feel happy and blessed and I try to enjoy everything as much as I can..

So we’ve been having a super fun summer, lots of water, swimming pool, parks, etc..

ok so I hope you all have a great week!!!.. don’t forget to check back in the blog and facebook fan page to see what’s going on.. ;)

sherry - July 18, 2010 - 7:46 pm

Gonna miss you bad, but I am SO glad you are going to be home. Balm for the soul. THese pics are incredible! Love them all!~!

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