Good bye 2010… Welcome 2011!

What a year has been… went by so so fast that I can’t believe it ends today…

it’s been a great year… we’ve had lots of health, love and job… The kiddos are growing like a weed and I’m enjoying sooo much to see them changing everyday..  I can’t be thankful enough for all what I have.. I’m a lucky girl… and I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished, specially my family… really I don’t think words can ever express what having kids and seeing them grow mean to me… they are my everything.. :)

I only wish 2011 is as good as 2010 to me… We are starting it with new adventures and I’m excited about what the year will bring to us. Thank you to ALL my clients, you have made 2010 an awesome year for my photography dream.. It’s so cool to meet you all and your little ones.. I feel so honored that you chose me to capture memories for you and thank you so much for letting me be part of your family for a couple of hours. Thank you Thank you!!!…

So for today’s pics.. my kiddos in January 2010 on the left and today on the right.. they’ve changed so much!!

Allison lost 4 teeth, grew a few inches, learned to ride the bike without training wheels and is reading!!! she’s fun to be around, full of fashion advice and hugs and kisses for everybody… LOVE her!

Vincent started Kindergarten early, he’s reading small words, got computer skills and the best, I left his curls grow.. he’s sweet and loves his momma.. LOVE him!

Dominic is as sweet as he can be.. loves to cuddle and would hug you for hrs in a row.. he loves everything that Vincent does and more.. he’s full of personality and he loves to say silly thing and laugh about it.. he’s my baby and will always be… LOVE him!

and the hubby… it was a hard year in the job front but we are sooo excited about his new job, he really jumped in to help with the kids and house this year as I worked non stop.. he’s a great daddy and makes my heart grow to see him with my babies.. love you!

and finally us through the year.. it’s hard to pick only 60 pictures to fit in a video but I’m sure you’ll get the idea of what our year was..

Thank you to all of you who made this year so special!!!.. Happy New Year!


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