Afsaneh & Rene

Awhile ago, maybe 8-10 months I got a phone call, international number.. I thought it was my mom so I rushed to answer.. but no, it was a friendly voice asking for the photographer, I said it was me and she quickly said she saw my work on Facebook and that she was wondering if I was interested in shooting a wedding.. I said no, I don’t do weddings.. she wouldn’t take no for an answer she said the wedding would be in Oaxaca, Mexico and to please please think about it.. So a few weeks went by and she called again.. see she wouldn’t take no for an answer  :) ok I said, but I wont take pictures of the actual wedding.. just the before of it.. and she agreed..

So the wedding was during my trip to Mexico in December.. almost a month ago actually.. it was fun and different of what I do but I really enjoyed it..

here they are getting ready..



Afsaneh and her mom..


and the happy couple before the wedding…IMG_4879IMG_4958IMG_5004IMG_5017

check the slideshow!!..

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