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After having my babies, photography became more than just taking pictures. During my college years I had my first encounter with photography, film and dark rooms… it totally intrigued me and made me want to learn more and more.
I took more photography classes and I learned all about taking the perfect, follow the rules, technically correct, etc way to take pictures, but it wasn’t until I had kids that something clicked on me and made me  see the world around me in a different way.
Little moments became so powerful and with so much value for me that I re-learned to see through my view finder not with my eyes but with my heart.
You’ll see me often holding the camera away from my face and shooting, it’s not what I see through the view finder what I want to capture but how it feels.
Capturing moments is what matters to me, I want to capture the love in a family more than anything.. I always think as if it was my family there and what I’d like to capture from them.. what I’d want to show my grandkids when I have them and as a mommy I want to capture the way we mommies see our kids.
If you are looking for the perfect, everybody looking at the camera with a fake smile, I’m not the photographer that you need. I want to capture how YOU are not how you look, I’ll be here when you are ready.

A BIG Thanks to my friend Sherry for the image above.

Jennifer - September 21, 2010 - 11:04 am

Hi I love taking pictures but really love taking pictures of my loved ones. I dont know if i would enjoy taking pictures of others. Could you help me?

Stephen & Alisa - February 8, 2011 - 11:39 am

It’s funny that you talk about taking technically correct photos, but then letting loose when you had your kids. I totally understand that now. With my other half inspiring me to just feel the moment and capture it, I feel more free. And having nephews and nieces to fill the frame, makes taking photos a liberating experience. Keep up the awesome job!

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