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New baby boy..

I got to meet this new baby boy and his mommy and daddy not to long ago.. he wanted nothing with sleeping, nothing really worked to get him to close his eyes to get those cute sleepy pictures that I love so much, but he taught me that I love the wide awake newborn pics […]

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Big brother, baby brother…

Well, I’m finally hooked to the internet from my work computer… the house is far from been done, but I keep telling my self: “baby steps”… :) I’m sharing today this session that I had a couple of weeks ago with big brother, baby brother and pretty momma… I’ve known them for a while so […]

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Chaotic times…

Crazy times in the Van Epps Household… We’ve moved to another house, looking for a better school district for the kids… we found a cute house in an awesome neighborhood, closer to where all my cool clients are, so that’s a plus too.. :)So as you can imagine I’ve been a little bit busier than […]

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sweet baby girl..

I met with this family a couple of weeks ago, they are welcoming a brand new baby girl who is 3 months old now.. You can totally tell how much she’s loved by everybody.. Baby girl has a gorgeous big sister.. who loves to play the guitar… and loves to have her as a baby […]

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Can I brag a little bit?

So the voice about my photography passion reached all the way to my hometown in Mexico and during my visit this past December I was asked by a magazine to talk a little bit about it so they could do an article about me. This magazine, “Esphera Social”, is about the people from Oaxaca. We […]

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