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I registered Allison yesterday to Kindergarten… as we were walking through empty hallways, me holding her little hand, the pain in my throat from holding the tears inside was growing and growing..  can’t understand how is this possible. :( This is us, she loves to draw mommy and me papers all the time.  holding hands… my […]

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12 days left..

One of the best things about my love for photography is what’s going to happen in 20 years.. When we look back to the crazy amount of pics that I have of the kids..

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13 days…

Some things will never change.. No matter how long I’ve been living here or for how long I’ll stay in the country, food without a good HOT sauce made in Mexico is just not food.. ;)

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Thought it would be fun to share some oldies but goodies.. ;)  Again, sorry the bad quality, but 20 something years ago we didn’t have the pics that we have now.. Can you believe my mommy saved some of my special clothes when I was growing up??.. this batch is when I was 2years old..  […]

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I’m a Mayo girl… yup, I eat pretty much everything with mayo in eat.. as in I eat eggs and rice with mayo on top.. sounds gross right? but it’s delicious… BUT the only mayo that I like is McCormick.. it doesn’t exit here other than in the latin section of your groceries.. it has […]

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