Randoms on Friday…

it’s been a while since I did a randoms on Friday.. I think I’m going to pick it up again and do these Fridays posts again..  I know you all are dying to know what I have in my mind.. hehe

It was a HARD week as a mommy.. for some reason my boys have been WILD this week.. well, I know the reason… their last day of school was May 13th, here we are at the end of August and still no school.. If you are following my 365 project I’m sure you’ve noticed that I try to be active and do tons of stuff with them.. but at this point both parties are tired.. I’m tired, they are tired.. it was an stressful week, constant battle with them and felt like running wild for a couple of hrs to catch my breath.. We are not sleeping good, for whatever reason they keep waking up and coming to bed which as much as I like to cuddle with them at 3am it’s not so nice… ahhh what a week, really…

Well it’s friday now and I’m thankful for that.. :)

So I was looking at my personal pictures the other day.. and guess what?.. I’m in only a handful of them.. I think I’m going to try my best to be IN the picture at least every other week… in my mind I’m taking all these pictures of the kiddos for the future and I know they’ll appreciate a few pictures with me in it.. so my first try this week was a mirror shot.. totally out of focus but whatever.. I was about to give them a shower and call them to pose with me.. :) A was already in the shower..

So I think I have a soft spot for my baby girl.. She so sweet!.. she had a little rough start at school, sucks that little kids are already mean in school, but I can’t put her in a bubble.. I try to explain as much as I can to her and talk to her and I hope for the best.. thank goodness thinks have improved tons.. she asked me to take her picture the other day..

and I’m always excited about what she’s going to chose to wear for school.. this girl has her own style.. :) love her love her.

I had a fun mini session the other day and the kiddos enjoyed the props.. no I don’t bring my kiddos to work, don’t worry.. haha

Anyway, today was a nice and calmer day.. I got to see my sweet friends and the boys were a lot better and daddy was home… really a great ending to such a crazy week…

and I’ll let you go now.. I’m about to go to sleep and enjoy a quiet night..  I’ll just share this picture that my sweet baby V took of me the other day.. he’s VERY interested in cameras and computers.. I think he has talent!.. (but I’m his mommy and I’m biased.. ;))

so I hope you all have an awesome weekend!! enjoy the “cooler” weather..

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