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Winter always hits me, the grey days, the cold, the short days, little work… we still have around 1 more month of this but I’m ready.. I’m ready to head outside to play, to work, to feel the fresh air.

This year it feels a little bit harder.. Vivian is still not sleeping through the night, I’m onto my 18th month of restless nights and I think it’s getting to me.. I’m usually a half full glass type of girl, but lately I’m just tired, short of temper and just plain mad more often..  I feel so bad that I find my self yelling to the older ones more often, just last night Vincent said that he felt that he was in trouble a lot since Vivian was born. :( This momma stuff is hard!!!..

Last week we took a quick trip to Mexico to assist to one of my cousins weddings.. Sunny and warm Mexico, plus seeing all my family together felt so good, but it almost made it harder to keep going here. I like to pretend that I’m fine living so far away from them, it’s one part of me that I’ve decided to shield to avoid the pain in the heart.. goodness… family feels soo good!! Seeing how my kiddos react to all their aunts, uncles, cousins… how much they love it… we are so lonely here… one day we’ll be close to family again..

One of my cousins took these pictures of us and I’m in love with them..

anyway, today starts a new month.. today we are one day closer to sunnier and warmer days…

Happy weekend to you all.

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