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I haven’t done a Q&A blog in a while so I posted on my Facebook Fan page if anybody had any questions for it and I got a few so here they are.. hope this helps you!


Who is your greatest inspiration when you are in a photo slump? How do you keep things fresh?

– I know it’s going to sound cheesy but my kiddos are my greatest inspiration… growing so fast and changing right in my eyes inspire me.  I also look at other photographers work, nothing in particular.. whatever pops in my facebook newsfeed or in Instagram..  seeing how other people sees the world helps me sometimes to look for the pretty in the routine of my life.

Keeping things fresh is hard!!.. I actually think I do a poor job at it.. when I feel like everything is looking the same I play with a lens that I haven’t played in a while or challenge my self to shoot in a way that I don’t usually do.. Having a new baby has definitely helped me too ;)


what do you use to back up all your photos? whats your system?

– I have 2 computers, one for clients one for my personal photos. Clients sessions get saved to external hard drivers and delete them from my computer as soon as I’m done placing orders and blogging about it. Personal photos get saved to the computer and I back up my computer to an external hard drive around once a month. I save the pictures in monthly folders, SOOC version plus edited version. At the end of the year after I’m sure I’ve saved it, the year is deleted from my computer. I take so many pictures that it takes a lot of space, but I like to have “right there” access to the year we are living in. I also upload my top favorites online as a backup.


How do you know exactly which setting to use quick. Like if you are outside and don’t use Manual on camera. My photos seem blurry when blown up at all.

– Well, if they are blurry more than settings I think the issue is the focus. Most people don’t realize that the camera is focusing for them. My advice is to only turn on one focus point and be you the one that decides where to focus. As for the settings, the more pictures you take the easier it gets to know what to do… it’d be impossible to tell you what settings to use for certain situation, if I’m not shooting manual the only other one I use is Av (Aperture Priority). In my opinion all the other options in the camera aren’t necessary for the type of photography that I do.


How do u juggle being a mom & photographer….my hardest thing is passing the kids off to go do a shoot…my mom is always my babysitter…but I’m afraid I’m going to burn her out b4 too long!

– One of the best things about this business is that I’m my boss, I set up my time to work and I decide when is too much. I have no family around to help me out. My husband has been very supportive about my job and helps a lot with watching the kiddos when I have to work. Working during the weekend has been great for our family, I have the kiddos during the week and I’m happy to have a little of “me” time and for the kiddos to have “daddy” time when I go to work.. I’m only gone for a couple of hours anyway so I don’t feel like I’m missing that much.

I’ve noticed the older they get the harder it is though, now they have so many activities to do and I do not want to miss that, I like to be there for every baseball game and every gymnastics practice (I’m that mom cheering!).. luckily the moment you sign up most of the places give you the calendar before hand so it’s easy to schedule around that. My kids come first.


What is by far the most reached for lens in your collection?

– 24-70mm f2.8L by far my favorite lens, it’s my “go” lens. The one that goes with me to every trip with my kids and to every session with my clients. My second favorite for my clients is the 50mm f1.4 (LOVE the bokeh) and for my kiddos the 24mm f1.4L (love the super wide angle).


how do you organize your phone /instagram pics?

– the same way, upload them to the computer in monthly folders.


Do you keep all of your raw & jpeg files?

– yes, I do. I just can’t delete anything!.. every single image that I’ve ever taken is saved somewhere.. at the beginning I was burning CD’s now they all are in the external hard drives.


You always say that you “shoot from the hip” alot. I’m wondering how you go about doing that? Do you use a remote? Do you have the camera on one setting and just click randomly, or do you still take the time to focus? I would love to branch out with this method, but I worry about the quality of my photos in the process. Thanks!

– I don’t think about it that much. I do check up the settings for the situation (ISO, shutter speed, etc) but after that I turn all the focus points or the middle one depending on the situation and shoot from the hip. It takes practice to “know” how your camera react and how it focus though.. it’s come to a point where I’m comfortable doing it at sessions with clients too. Practice, practice, practice.. I wouldn’t worry about the quality that much, cameras are SO good now that I don’t think you compromise quality when you shoot with your heart.


Are there some good, simple photoshop tutorials out there for someone who hates photoshop? 

– Well, my advise is to get the picture in camera!.. I hate photoshop too and avoid it like the plague.. most of my kiddos pictures in my personal blog are SOOC and for my clients pictures they are slightly retouched with curves and saturation. Nothing else. I guess if I had to really send you to a place for tutorials it’d be MCPactions, easy and basic.


How do you find inspiration to shoot EVERY day? I feel like i lose my mojo  Love your work!

-Thank you! I replied above a little bit about it, I think I’m very obsessed with photography… it’s just a big part of my life… I think photography a lot, always looking for the opportunity to take a picture, paying attention to how the light touches everything around, to me everything is a picture opportunity. Having 4 kids gives me plenty of material to shoot. Also I sometimes plan ahead activities (buy crafts, plan park trips, special treats, etc)… I really think that doing my 365 project has helped me to be a better mommy, it could look like I’m only trying to get the picture, but I’m creating memories too..  I’m more patient and “cooler” in my kiddos eyes.. again, they are my reason in life, they are my inspiration.


Well, this has been fun!!.. I hope it helps you a little bit!! And of course, because there is no post without picture, oldies but so cute! can’t believe how much they’ve grown.. :)


sophia - February 3, 2013 - 10:58 am

when you say in the shoot from the hip comment that you turn on all focus points…what do you mean? I know you can spot focus is that what your talking about?

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