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March Iphone Photo Dump

Well, Aprils is here.. and March just flew by…  We had a good march, the weather has been nice.. a bit more warmer than what I would like but I guess warmer is better than freezing so we did most of it by playing outside lots, going to the park lots, eating ice cream and […]

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The FAQ of my 365 Project.

I find it very interesting the amount of comments that I get about my 365 project… I love how all my clients know my kiddos names and what have we been doing.. it totally breaks the ice to start talking about it when we are first meeting at a session. I get questions about it […]

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Giving is Awesome!!!….

The last giveaway of my 4th anniversary celebration is the biggest… I think..  I’m so fortunate with everything that I have in my life that the less that I can do is to give back… This time the winner will get a FREE session and with a FREE CD (with printing rights)… value of close […]

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A picture a day 2010

So last year I decided to do a 365 project.. it consisted in taking one picture a day that would make me remember what we did that day.. a memory of the day. I posted a few weeks ago how I did it and how I stayed organized.. you can read about it HERE. Also […]

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Randoms on Friday…

Is it me or this week flew by???..  man we were busy around the house.. it was the boys last week of summer so we enjoyed it.. I’ve came to the conclusion that my kids are hyper because I am hyper :) we don’t know how to stay still in the house.. I need to […]

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