At home..

With every email that I get requesting sessions, the question about where to do it is first on the list. My personal favorite place to shoot is at peoples houses.. you might thing your house is not in picture shape, but believe me.. kiddos and big people, they are just more comfortable at home and the pictures will mean even more.. think on your grown kids looking at those pictures, the house where they grew up, doing what they used to do.. now imagine them showing to their grand babies and telling them the story about that house, remembering all those moments.. that’s probably the favorite part of my work, knowing that 20 years from now you’ll look at those pictures and no matter what day you are having they’ll put a smile in your face..

Having session like this one makes me love even more what I do, makes me realize how important this is for a family and I feel SO honored that people chooses me to capture this moment in their life for ever.

I also LOVE when people trusts me and it’s not afraid about doing things that probably ┬áhave no sense for them.. the results, a big big print for their house.. ;)

Another moment that you don’t normally see or expect when you hire a photographer… again, resulting in another big print for the walls.. my heart I swear was swollen, I love when people “gets” what I’m trying to transmit.

an awesome family for sure.. :)

such a beautiful girls..

finally taking a walk in their neighborhood and freezing by the way.. ;)

Thanks “U” family, thanks for trusting on me to capture this memories for you.

All of you have a great weekend!

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