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22 for my 30th

I have never had a bath (at least I don’t remember, I’m sure I had baths as a baby)… I grew up in a house with no bathtub so I’m not use to do baths.   I fixed the problem with the comments bar.. so don’t forget to tell me what you think!!!

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23 to 30

I have some issues about having a dirty house or dirty kids.. but I just couldn’t say no yesterday… it was a treat for them, some cool pics for me.. Have you joined my Facebook Fan Page??.. I’m about to make a big annoucement! join asap so you don’t miss it!

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and baby makes 4…

I’m in a newborn roll here.. :) another awesome session…

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24 to 30

I clean up “camp outs” around 985 times a day.. ;)

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25 to 30

I was born in Mexico city, but I grew up in Oaxaca.. a beautiful city on the pacific South. Some pictures from my last trip.

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N e w s
P h o t o g r a p h y   W o r k s h o p s